Thursday, May 12, 2011

First and foremost

Heloo there all~ presenting my simplest chocolate collection and the cheapest price we have here..

Plain Milk Chocolate
can choose design on your own
price: Rm0.35 - Rm0.50
(Price is different depending on how much customer needs)
Perfect design for wedding /birthday door gift ~simple yet elegance
(the packaging of this simple chocolate will be uploaded soon)
Can be arrange to send to your loves one on specific address around Sabah/Sarawak
Contact me for more details


  1. Nice looking milk choc! Bah kalau kawan2, ada free tasting kaitu? ;-D Kehkeh.. Joking..

  2. omaigad..teliur sa npk sikijap o.. nasib baik sa tepaksa mau kurang2 makan manis skg.. kalu inda..hehe..

    oraits,, now i know where to get choco - home made :)