Friday, July 15, 2011


To all the coffee lover..this is for u.. forgot to take picture before we cut it. only manage to take picture after we almost eat all..LOL

Donut+home made chocolate

crunchy outside yet soft inside with home made chocolate topping.
u can have donut with nescafe, coffee or tea or eat just like that.
u can email me or sms me..
topping flavour: white chocolate, cappucino, milk chocolate, strawberry
RM10 per box(9 pcs inside)

Friday, May 13, 2011


Oreo+cheese truffle
the taste of chocolate with the crunchy of oreo and cheese..yummy~
Coated: white chocolate or milk chocolate~
price: RM 1.80
minimum order: 4 pcs


Raisin milk Chocolate
Design: mix
can be coated with flavour
Price: RM 1.00
not include postage
minimum order : 4 pcs


This is just perfect to give to you love one. we can decorate it with flower arrangement and u can send it to your love just like bouquet of flower.
Design: Love shape
Milk CHocolate/White chocolate/dark chocolate
Flower design only can be send by hand
Price: RM 1.50 /pcs
minimum order: 4 pcs

Thursday, May 12, 2011

White Milk Chocolate

This is not people's fav but still it is the one people will choose~

~presenting~Add Image

Whity milky chocolate

Price: Rm 0.35 - RM 0.50 (different depend on how much u want)
price not include postage, free delivery sevice around Keningau-Tambunan- Penampang-KK

First and foremost

Heloo there all~ presenting my simplest chocolate collection and the cheapest price we have here..

Plain Milk Chocolate
can choose design on your own
price: Rm0.35 - Rm0.50
(Price is different depending on how much customer needs)
Perfect design for wedding /birthday door gift ~simple yet elegance
(the packaging of this simple chocolate will be uploaded soon)
Can be arrange to send to your loves one on specific address around Sabah/Sarawak
Contact me for more details